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영화 제작 및 배급
방송콘텐츠 (드라마 다큐 뉴스 홈쇼핑 등) 제작 및 유통
웹방송콘텐츠(웹툰 웹드라마 등) 제작 및 유통

방송광고: 동영상, 자막
인터넷광고: 동영상, 배너, SNS 마케팅
신문광고: 지면광고, 해외 보도자료 배포
지하철 · 버스 광고: 동영상, 랩핑 및 역사내 프로모션
기타 광고: 특수 미디어 광고 등

About Us

“MBNworld” is a Total Asian Content Broadcasting Station that provides not only Korean content but also a variety of Asian content under one roof.
We provides subtitles for our television programs so that everyone can enjoy watching them. In addition, “MBNworld” will produce high quality content and offer programming in Culture, Arts, Information, and Education throughout Asia in clear HD. Based on our model of “Fast, Superb, and Fun Broadcasting”, Mbnworld prides itself in delivering the best Korean programming in News, Information, Drama, Shows, and Special Programming and strives to play a vital role as a broadcaster.

"MBN world" is a Advertising Agency.
TV Ads: Video ads, captions advertising
Internet advertising: video ads, banner ads, SNS Marketing
Newspaper advertising: print advertising, Press Release
Subway & Bus ads, videos, wrapping and promotional events

"MBNworld" is a Best Distribution Company.
Official service agency of GAM-102 Program.
Jointbone, Rozge etc.

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